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FEATURES- CP Compact Series UPS
       The CyberPower CP685AVR UPS is the ideal unit for basic to mid-level
        computer systems.  The 685AVR not only guards against surges,
        spikes, sags, and brownouts, but also protects your computer system
        and valuable data during a power outage. The Automatic Voltage
        Regulation (AVR) monitors incoming AC power and regulates output to
        a smooth, consistent 120 volts.  This model also has full dataline
        protection: RJ11/RJ45 (phone, fax, Ethernet, network, DSL) and RG-6
        coax (DSS, cable modem, satellite, cable TV).  PowerPanel PE Power
        Management supplements the backup/surge protection by monitoring
        the vitals of the UPS and safely shutting down your system in event
        of a power outage.  The standalone designs allows for vertical,
        horizontal, or wall mount.
       "Surge-Only" outlets are perfect for the addition of peripherals
        such as monitors, printers, scanners, iPods, or CD/DVD players.
    Includes UPS Unit; User Manual; Power Management Software; Warranty
      Card; Serial Cable; Phone Cable; USB Cable.
* Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) -  Incoming AC power is electronically
  regulated for dips and spikes  AVR takes this irregular AC power and
  converts it into a consistent Sinewave so sensitive electronic equipment
  can achieve its optimal performance. 
* EMI/RFI - Provides shielding against electromagnetic interference & radio
  frequency signals.  Most commonly, this is used to prevent line noise or
  "humming" that occurs over telephone lines or stereo electronics.
* Transformer-spaced Outlets - Widely spaced outlets allow you to
  conveniently add large transformer-based plugs without compromising the
  utility of other outlets.
* USB Connectivity - Plug-N-Play software and convenient USB ports allow
  for quick and easy installation.
* PowerPanel PE Smart Management Software - In event of a power outage,
  PowerPanel PE will not only save your open files and will also
  "Hibernate" your PC to increase the run-time on the UPS unit. PowerPanel
  is quickly and easily installed on any Windows-based PC and is designed
  to utilize minimal system resources.  Diagnostic screens give immediate
  visuals of the UPS s status, and also include the following features:
  Silent operation mode, configurable system notifications, automatic self
  tests, adjustable high/low voltage warnings, event/data logging, and
  scheduled shutdowns.
* LED Indicators - LED status lights indicate Power-On and wiring faults.
* Audible Alarms - Audible tones identify when the unit is running off
  battery power, unit overloads and low battery.
* Convenient Mounting - Multiple mounting options: horizontal, vertical,
  cabinet, and wall.
* Resettable Circuit Breaker - Convenient unit reset switch in case of
  an overload.
* 3-year Warranty - CyberPower will replace damaged units if within
  3 years of purchase date.  We stand behind our products and guarantee
  quality.  CyberPower also offers